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Pour Wine Like A Pro


As with all things, there is a bit of finesse needed when it comes to pouring wine without incident.

At some point in our wine journey, we’ve all had the inner pep-talk, “Ok, steady does it. Don’t drip the wine on your best place mats and certainly don’t drip wine on your guests.” Just ask our tasting room staff!

Use your dominant hand to hold the bottle
Remember, control is essential! Dealer’s choice whether you grasp the lower third of the bottle or utilize the punt (that’s a technical term for the dent on the bottom of some wine bottles…the more you know!).

Pour slowly to avoid splashes
One trick to avoid spills? Just before pulling the bottle away, give it a quick little twist with your wrist and immediately twist it upright. I’m right-handed, and I find it easiest to rotate the bottle away from me to do this with the most control.

Don’t jerk the bottle
Just a swift but smooth counter-clockwise turn. It’s best to do this with the bottle still over this glass in case there are few drops that drip out.

While certainly not required, you might find that it can come in handy, especially if you don’t have the technique quite perfected.
Pro tip: Use a dark-colored napkin so that the wine stains aren’t visible.

Pour 5-6 ounces per glass

That’s about it. With just a little practice, you will have it down. You’re expensive linens will be happy about it and your guests who come wearing mostly white will be grateful.

Jim & Barbara Moroney